COACHELLA... The biggest musical and arts festival known around the world for the fashion, music and the experience. I was fortunate enough to go to Coachella this year for my first time ever. One of my friends lives in New Mexico and a few months ago I got a text that said, "Wanna go to Coachella?" My answer was, of course, "HELL YEAH." We bought tickets the following week and I hopped on a plane to Albuquerque.

We road tripped all the way across New Mexico, through Arizona, and into southern California. The campgrounds that we would be camping out weren't open yet because of a severe wind advisory, so we ended up getting a super cheap (2-star) motel on the outskirts of Indio where we stayed for the night. 

Once we arrived at our campsite the following day, we set up our tent and ran to the grocery store. Our three days at Coachella consisted of lots of walking, trying new foods (they had LOTS of local, vegetarian and vegan pop up shops), viewing all the creative art sculptures, and dancing to music until we couldn't stand anymore. 

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the style and clothing that everyone wore. Lots of girls dressed in dark or neutral clothes. Some wore one piece black bathing suits and a black leather belt with leather strips hanging off of it. The style theme was very "Western" looking and most of the pop up stores sold very similar clothing. The weather each day was 100 degrees and pure sun so you had to dress in almost little to no clothing. Check out the pictures below to see what I wore each day!

Day 1 of Coachella was pretty hot out. I think it was around 90 degrees this day, but that didn't stop me from wearing these cute, suede shorts that actually look like a skirt! The top was long sleeve, but very airy because of all the lace cut outs. The entire outfit, including the black booties are from Forever 21 and the hat is from Target.

Day 2 I wore this cute overall skirt from Forever 21 and a black, lacey bralette from Victoria's Secret! I paired it with some silver earrings from Charlotte Russe and cheap sunglasses.

Day 3 I wore a plain, white crop top and these fun black and white flowy pants with slits up the side! The material was so light and perfect because this day was 100 degrees out! People were literally passing out from dehydration and heat exhaustion because of how hot it was...  The choker necklace is all one piece and it was a gift so I'm not sure where it's from.The hat pictured here is the same one from Target!

I wanted to make this blog post about fashion as much as possible since that's what Blush Cheeks Boutique is all about, so I can honestly say that I got the whole experience out of Coachella and it was so much more than I thought it was going to be!

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