DIY Eyelash Extensions

PSA: I may or may not have just discovered the best (and easiest) beauty hack EVER. Eyelash extensions. And I'm not talking about the $100 eyelash extensions you get done at the salon; I'm talking about the ones you can buy at the store for less than $10. Here are my easy-to-follow instructions on how to get beautiful, thick, flowy lashes that don't look fake. 

Fake Eyelashes & Adhesive Glue

These are the eyelashes and glue that I used. They're called Ardell individuals with the clear glue. This glue does WONDERS. You can buy both of these together, or separately, for less than $10. I personally got mine from Target  

1.) Start off by taking one of the longer eyelashes and dipping the tip of it into the glue to create a little glue ball. Allow lashes to get tacky, and drop the eyelash down onto the end of your regular lashes. Do not put the eyelash on your eye lid because it will burn. Make sure the fake lashes cling directly to your real lashes.

2.) Gently press your real lashes and the newly attached fake lashes together. Allow 1 minute for the glue to dry. 

3.) Continue to do the same to your other eye. When applying the lashes, make sure you are applying the lash in the direct that your natural lashes grow.


4.) As you move more towards your inner eye, use more medium and small length lashes. These sizes are included in your lash kit. 

5.) Once you have attached all the lashes you want, go back and fill in any gaping holes with small, individual lashes. This will pull everything together and make them look more full.

The end product will look like this. Add some mascara to your bottom lashes- you won't need any on the top! These lashes will last around 3 weeks. Use coconut oil or makeup remover to remove!

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